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IESEMA-0057 A Modular Active Front-End Rectifier With Electronic Phase-Shifting For Harmonic Mitigation In Motor Drive Applications
IESEMA-0049 Design And Experimental Implementation Of Discrete Duty-Cycle-Control Method For Direct Torque Control Of Induction Motor Drives With Model Predictive Solution
IESEMA-0043 Design Of A New Switched Stator Bldc Drive To Improve The Energy Efficiency Of An Electric Vehicle
IESEMA-0056 Fault-Tolerant Electric Drive And Space-Phasor Modulation Of Flux-Switching Permanent Magnet Machine For Aerospace Application
IESEMA-0054 Fault-Tolerant Inverter For Sensorless Bldc Drives Using Fast Fourier Transform Method
IESEMA-0050 Generalized Dtc Strategy For Multilevel Inverter Fed Im With Constant Inverter Switching Frequency For Automotive Applications
IESEMA-0051 Implementation Of Landsman Converter For Power Factor Converter For Bldc Motor Drive
IESEMA-0052 Implementation Of Speed Control Of Bldc Motor Using Fast Fourier Transform Method
IESEMA-0058 Low Cost High Efficiency Solar Three Phase Induction Motor
IESEMA-0053 Power Factor Correction In Cuk-Sepic Based Dual Output Converter Fed Bldc Motor
IESEMA-0059 Quasi Z Source Indirect Matrix Converter Fed Induction Motor Drive
IESEMA-0055 Universal Restart Strategy For Scalar (V/F) Controlled Induction Machines
IESEE-0019 A Decentralized Current-Sharing Controller Endows Fast Transient Response To Parallel Dc-Dc Converters
IESEE-0017 Electronic Power Converter(Epc) Used For Dc Micro Grid Application With Sliding Mode Control Technique
IESEE-0016 Emi-Based Current & Voltage Sensing For The Control Of Power Electronic Converters
IESEE-0015 Improved Fault-Tolerant Method And Control Strategy Based On Reverse Charging For The Power Electronic Traction Transformer
IESEE-0018 On Random Dynamic Voltage Scaling For Internet-Of-Things: A Game-Theoretic Approach
IESEM-0205 A Compact Automated Intravenous Fluid Control Device For Medical Application
IESEM-0280 A Hand Gesture Recognition Sensor Using Reflected Impulses
IESEM-0226 A Handheld Two Way Transceiver Technique To Monitor The Cardiac For Fire Fighter
IESEM-0244 A Latest System For Automatic Notification And Severity Estimation Of Automotive Accidents On Road Using High Speed Wireless Communication Modules
IESEM-0230 A New Method For Automatic Vehicle License Plate Detection
IESEM-0204 A Novel Trolley For Shopping, Billing And Guidance In Supermarket Enhanced With Iot Technology
IESEM-0251 A Real Time Street Lighting Monitoring And Control System Enhanced With Arm7
IESEM-0260 A Real-Time Flood Alert System For Parking Lots Using Arduino
IESEM-0314 A Real-Time Multi Level Vehicle Parking And Flood Alert System For Parking Lots Enhanced With Internet Of Things (Iot)
IESEM-0211 A Smart Alert System For Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Monitoring Enhanced With Android Application
IESEM-0261 A Smart Meter Design And Implementation Using Zigbee Based Wireless Sensor Network In Smart Grid
IESEM-0192 A Smart Rug System For Muslims With Vocal And Visual Alert System (Vvas)
IESEM-0271 A System For Monitoring Hand Hygiene Compliance Based-On Internet-Of-Things
IESEM-0196 A Vigilance System For Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Enhanced With Stand-Alone Wireless Module
IESEM-0201 Aadhar Based Electronic Voting System And Providing Authentication Enhanced With Internet Of Things (Iot)
IESEM-0219 Advanced Vehicle Tracking System With Cloud Based Geo-Position Monitoring System Using Raspberry Pi
IESEM-0266 Agricultural Crop Monitoring Using Iot- A Study
IESEM-0320 Ambulance Controlled Traffic System Using Rfid Technology With Labriew Simulation
IESEM-0265 An Autonomous Wireless Body Area Network Implementation Towards Iot Connected Healthcare Applications
IESEM-0274 An Improvement Method Of Construction Management Process For Water Barrel Based On Internet Of Things
IESEM-0348 An Integrated Smart System For Accident - Avoidance In Four Wheelers Via Iot
IESEM-0245 An Ubn (Urban Bus Navigation System) And Embodying Ideas For Urban Bus Riders Using Internet Of Things
IESEM-0269 Analysis Of Three Iot-Based Wireless Sensors For Environmental Monitoring
IESEM-0334 Android Based Bus Tracking System Enhanced With Gsm And Gps
IESEM-0213 Android Based Bus Tracking System Enhanced With Internet Of Things (Iot)
IESEM-0326 Android Based Closed Loop Speed Control Of Dc Motor By Using Wifi
IESEM-0317 Android Based Mobile Smart Tracking System
IESEM-0225 Android Based Wheel Chair Control Using Electroencephalogram (Eeg)
IESEM-0302 Anti Theft Protection Of Vehicle By Gsm & Gps With Finger Print Verification
IESEM-0241 Anti-Theft Protection Of Vehicle By Gsm & Gps With Fingerprint Verification
IESEM-0249 Arduino Based Child Safety Wearable Device
IESEM-0301 Arduino Based High Intensity Tracking Solar Panel Using Fresnel Lens
IESEM-0259 Arm Based Based Digital Meter With Alert System Using Mobile Communication
IESEM-0322 Automated Agricultural Crop Monitoring And Irrigation System Enhanced With Iot
IESEM-0374 Automatic Brake Control System
IESEM-0254 Automatic Detection Of Red Light Running Using Vehicular Cameras Enhanced With Raspberry Pi
IESEM-0364 Automatic Gear Control System
IESEM-0246 Automatic Speed Control Of Automobiles Using Microcontrolled Disc Brakes
IESEM-0339 Automation Of Water Management And Efficient Distribution
IESEM-0214 Autonomous Phase And Source Selector Enhanced With Gsm Technology
IESEM-0236 Body And Fall Detection System With Heart Rate Monitoring
IESEM-0209 Bottle Classification And Automatic Bottle Filling System Using Raspberry Pi
IESEM-0199 Brailletouch And Tts Technique: Hardware Based Braille Pad On Mobile Phone
IESEM-0278 Classification Of Three Types Of Walking Activities Regarding Stairs Using Plantar Pressure Sensors
IESEM-0299 Cloud Based Smart Ambulance And Traffic Signal Response System
IESEM-0312 Cloud Based Smart Parking System
IESEM-0207 Cloud Based Virtual Stylist Examination And Guidance For Clothing Using Quick Response (Qr) Code
IESEM-0215 Corridor Illumination - Energy Efficient Lighting Control System Using Iot Technology
IESEM-0311 Dam Water Level Analysis
IESEM-0256 Data Monitoring And Hardware Control For App Android By Bluetooth Communication For Laboratory
IESEM-0240 Design And Implementation Of A Fingerprint Based Lock System For Shared Access
IESEM-0329 Design And Implementation Of A Vehicle Theft Control System Using Android Application
IESEM-0235 Design And Implementation Of Low Cost Ecg Monitoring System For The Patient Using Smart Device
IESEM-0324 Design And Implementation Of Of Vehicle Accident Avoidance System
IESEM-0264 Design And Implementation Of Real Time Transformer Health Monitoring System Using Gsm Technology
IESEM-0286 Design Of Smart Led Streetlight System For Smart City With Web-Based Management System
IESEM-0257 Design Of Smart Neonatal Health Monitoring System Using Sensor Enhanced With Mobile Application
IESEM-0333 Detecting Bottle Logo And Sending Sms Using Raspberry Pi
IESEM-0216 Developing A Compartive Fish Feeder And Aquarium Maintaining System Using Raspberry Pi
IESEM-0220 Developing Fish Feeder And Aquarium Maintaining System Using Esp8266
IESEM-0296 Developing Fish Identification And Assistant System Using Raspberry Pi For The Fisher Man
IESEM-0272 Developing Portable Instrument Based On Internet Of Things For Air Quality Information System
IESEM-0354 Development And Testing Of Anti Hijacking System
IESEM-0221 Development Of Online Water Level Monitoring And Control Used For Smart Phone
IESEM-0289 Device-Free Rf Child Tracking And Localization In Open Environment
IESEM-0248 Device-Free Rf Human Body Fall Detection And Localization In Industrial Workplaces
IESEM-0368 Dual Axis Welding Control System
IESEM-0262 E-Health Acquistion, Transmission & Monitoring System
IESEM-0385 Eco Bicycle With Gps Tracking System
IESEM-0238 Economic Feasibility Of Solar Powered Street Lighting System In Libya
IESEM-0288 Economical Colorimetric Smart Sensor To Measure Water Quality Of Drinking Water In Ckdu Prevalence Areas
IESEM-0300 Efficient Design Of A Metal Detector Equipped Robotic Vehicle
IESEM-0252 Efficient Low Cost Supervisory System For Internet Of Things Enabled Smart Home
IESEM-0263 Electrical Appliances Control Prototype By Using Gsm Module And Arduino
IESEM-0273 Emacs: Design And Implementation Of Indoor Environment Monitoring And Control System
IESEM-0327 Embedded Based Remote Control Application Using Mobile Phone In Irrigation
IESEM-0284 Environmental Monitoring For Smart Cities
IESEM-0224 Eog (Electrooculography) Based Automated Wheel Chair For Paralyzed Person
IESEM-0353 Fisherman Tracking System Enhanced With Iot Technology
IESEM-0359 Fleet Management Based On Critical Parameters By Using Embedded Technology
IESEM-0287 Food Intake Detection Using Ultrasonic Doppler Sonar
IESEM-0309 Garbage Collection Using Arm Robot Enhanced With Opencv
IESEM-0319 Gsm Based Automatic Energy Meter System With Instant Billing
IESEM-0343 Head Movement Based Wheelchair Control Using Rack And Pinion Metho
IESEM-0270 Health Care Monitoring System In Internet Of Things (Lot) By Using Rfid
IESEM-0282 Identification Of Walking Strategies Of People With Osteoarthritis Of The Knee Using Insole Pressure Sensors
IESEM-0279 Improving Smart Home Security; Integrating Logical Sensing Into Smart Home
IESEM-0253 Indoor Localization Framework With Wifi Fingerprinting
IESEM-0290 Intelligent Agriculture Green House Environment Monitor And Control System On Iot Technology
IESEM-0328 Intelligent Safety System For Coal Mine
IESEM-0330 Intelligent Traffic Light Control System For Emergency Ambulance
IESEM-0331 Intelligent Wireless Accident Detection And Ambulance Rescue System
IESEM-0208 Interactive Clothes Based On Iot Using Quick Response (Qr) Code And Mobile Application
IESEM-0228 Interactive Wireless Technology For Children With Tracking Security System (Ctss)
IESEM-0227 Investigator System For Human Activity In Free-Living Using Multiple Body-Worn Gyros
IESEM-0350 Iot Based Actuation For Smart Irrigation System Enhanced With Raspberry Pi
IESEM-0377 Iot Based Automatic Indicating System
IESEM-0387 Iot Based Innovative Fleet Monitoring System
IESEM-0365 Iot Based Military Robot
IESEM-0367 Iot Based Pneumatic Arm Robot
IESEM-0203 Iot Based Power Grid Selection From Multiple Power Sources To Enhance Power Consumption Using Renewable Energy Resources
IESEM-0239 Led Projection Module Enables A Vehicle To Communicate With Pedestrians And Other Vehicles
IESEM-0306 Lifeguard System For Residential Swimming Pool
IESEM-0294 Lifi Based Data Transmission
IESEM-0191 Lightweight Tele Presence Robot (Telebot) For Anatomical Surveillance And Medical Assistance Enhanced With Mobile Communication
IESEM-0206 Liquidconsumption Rate Measurement To Control Dehydration And Hypernatraemia For Acute Kidney Injury (Aki)
IESEM-0217 Low Cost And Portable Telemonitoring System Enhanced With Raspberry Pi
IESEM-0283 Low-Cost Wireless Monitoring And Decision Support For Water Saving In Agriculture
IESEM-0232 Low-Cost, Real-Time Obstacle Avoidance For Mobile Robots
IESEM-0200 Medbox Monitoring And Management System Enhanced With Iot
IESEM-0233 Mine Detecting Robot Prototyping
IESEM-0340 Monitoring And Controlling Of Transformer And Generator Enhanced With Iot Technology
IESEM-0332 Multiple Security System For Locker Opening And Closing
IESEM-0242 New Generation Shopping Using Wireless Technology(Iot)
IESEM-0234 On Detecting Acceptable Air Contamination In Classrooms Using Low Cost Sensors
IESEM-0351 Online Water Quality Monitoring And Controlling Enhanced With Raspberry Pi
IESEM-0277 Optical Based Sensor Prototype For Continuous Monitoring Of The Blood Pressure
IESEM-0193 Oxygen (O2) Level Detector, Weather Vigilance And Cumulate Data Collection System For Mountain Hikers
IESEM-0195 Pandemic Conveyance Management System Enhanced With Iot (Internet Of Things)
IESEM-0336 Patient Health Monitoring System Using Raspberry Pi
IESEM-0229 Prelimary Work Enhancement In Vehicle System To Monitor The Passenger Using Internet Of Things
IESEM-0247 Processing Real-Time Emg Signals For Prosthesis Active Hand Movements Enhanced With Wireless Technology
IESEM-0212 Pv Panel Based Creating New Museum Experiences Enhanced With Visible Light Communication
IESEM-0285 Qr Code Inbuild Prescription Modules For Effective Pharmacy Billing Application
IESEM-0323 Raspberry Pi Based A Novel Method For Pest Identification Enhanced With Open Cv
IESEM-0308 Raspberry Pi Based Bomb Detection In Defense Area
IESEM-0218 Raspberry Pi Based Creative Light Intensity Control System Using Huge Saturation Luminosity (Hsl) And Energy Calibrating System
IESEM-0325 Real Time Data Monitoring Of Pv Solar Cell Using Labview
IESEM-0276 Real-Time Monitoring Via Patch-Type Piezoelectric Force Sensors For Internet Of Things Based Logistics
IESEM-0267 Real-Time Signal Quality-Aware Ecg Telemetry System For Iot-Based Health Care Monitoring
IESEM-0291 Remote Vehicle Tracking & Driver Health Monitoring System Using Internet Of Things
IESEM-0237 Rfid-Based Attendance Management System
IESEM-0275 Roadsense: Smartphone Application To Estimate Road Conditions Using Accelerometer And Gyroscope
IESEM-0231 Robotic Testing Of Mobile Apps For Truly Black-Box Automation
IESEM-0337 Robust Big Data Analyrtics Electricity Price Forecasting In The Smart Grid
IESEM-0352 Self Energized Bomb Detection Robot Enhanced With Iot
IESEM-0189 Sift And Contour Algorithm Based Smart Bottle Filling System Using Raspberry Pi
IESEM-0366 Slide Switch Relay Control
IESEM-0346 Smart Bus Tracking System Enhanced With Gsm
IESEM-0190 Smart Computerized Vending Machine Enhanced With Iot Technology
IESEM-0223 Smart Home Automation System Enhanced With Visible Light Communication (Vlc)
IESEM-0194 Smart Reconnaissance And Apprise System Enhanced With Soc Bcm2837 (Raspberry Pi) And Ieee 802.11 Module
IESEM-0292 Smart Traffic Light Control System Using Wireless Communication
IESEM-0380 Solar Dust Cleaning Using Wiper Action & Water Spray
IESEM-0382 Stewart Platform For Solar Tracking With Mechanical Arrangement
IESEM-0210 Tele Presence System For Anatomical Surveillance And Medical Assistance Enhanced With Mobile Application
IESEM-0222 The Robotato: Agricultural Robot For Automoised Fertilising And Vigilance For Crop
IESEM-0255 Towards Intelligent Arabic Text-To-Speech Application For Disabled People
IESEM-0197 Traffic Semaphore And Speed Panel Recognition Based Conveyance Control Enhanced With Matchshapes Algorithm
IESEM-0303 Vehicle Theft Control By Using Face Recognition Enhanced With Raspberry Pi
IESEM-0202 Vision Based Bottle Classification And Automatic Bottle Filling System
IESEM-0268 We-Care: An Iot-Based Health Care System For Elderly People
IESEM-0258 Wheel Therapy Chair: A Smart System For Disabled Person With Therapy Facility
IESEM-0281 Wireless Breathing Sensor Based On Wearable Modulated Frequency Selective Surface
IESEM-0250 Worldwide Auto-Mobi: Arduino Iot Home Automation System For Ir Devices
IESEM-0198 Wreckwatch: Automatic Prior Detection Of Accident And Potholes In Roads To Aid Drivers Enhanced With Ieee 802.11 Module
IESEM-0243 Wsn-Based Smart Sensor And Actuator For Power Management In Intelligent Buildings
IESMEE-0001 Gps Based Solar Tracking System Using Stepper Motor
IESEP-0165 121 Level Multi Level Inverter
IESEP-0103 A Comparative Study Of Different Multilevel Converter Topologies For Battery Energy Storage Application
IESEP-0131 A Fast And Accurate Mppt Control Technique Using Boundary Controller For Pv Applications
IESEP-0112 A Hybrid Anfis/Abc-Based Online Selective Harmonic Elimination Switching Pattern For Cascaded Multi-Level Inverters Of Microgrids
IESEP-0091 A Low-Volume Multi-Phase Interleaved Dc-Dc Converter For High Step-Down Applications With Auto-Balancing Of Phase Currents
IESEP-0125 A Modified Symmetric And Asymmetric Multilevel Power Inverter With Reduced Number Of Power Switches Controlled By Mpc
IESEP-0157 A Multi Function Conversion Technique Using Active Power Filter For Vehicle To Grid Applications With Regenerative Concept
IESEP-0113 A New Sst Topology Comprising Boost Three- Level Ac/Dc Converters For Applications In Electric Power Distribution Systems
IESEP-0110 A New Technique To Locate Faults In Distribution Networks Based On Optimal Coordination Of Numerical Directional Overcurrent Relays
IESEP-0097 A Novel Quasi-Sepic High-Voltage Boost Dc-Dc Converter
IESEP-0139 A Phase-Shift-Controlled Direct Ac-To-Ac Converter For Induction Heaters
IESEP-0129 A Q-Enhancement Method For Resonant Inductive Coupling Wireless Power Transfer System
IESEP-0145 A Robot For Mine And Human Detection
IESEP-0130 Advanced Active Gate Drive For Switching Performance Improvement And Overvoltage Protection Of High-Power Igbts
IESEP-0088 An Asymmetrical Multi-Level Dual-Input Dual-Buck Inverter For Multi-Source Interface Applications
IESEP-0135 An Early Stage Inter-Turn Fault Diagnosis Of Pmsms By Using Negative-Sequence Components
IESEP-0084 An Improved Pwm Strategy For Z-Source Inverter With Maximum Boost Capability And Minimum Switching Frequency
IESEP-0117 An Improved Zero-Current-Switching Single-Phase Transformerless Pv H6 Inverter With Switching Loss-Free
IESEP-0124 An Isolated, Bridgeless, Quasi-Resonant Zvs-Switching, Buck-Boost Single-Stage Ac-Dc Converter With Power Factor Correction (Pfc)
IESEP-0114 An Unidirectional Single-Phase Ac-Dc-Ac Three-Level Three-Leg Converter
IESEP-0159 Automatic Drill Machine Control Using Stepper Motor
IESEP-0137 Automatic Timer Switch
IESEP-0164 Battery Management System
IESEP-0161 Challenges Facing Pfc Of A Single-Phase On-Board Charger For Electric Vehicles Based On A Current Source Active Rectifier Input Stage
IESEP-0092 Combined Current Sensing Method For The Three-Phase Quasi-Z-Source Inverter
IESEP-0156 Comparison Of Mppt Techniques Under Partial Shaded Condition
IESEP-0127 Conservation Voltage Reduction For Autonomous Microgrids Based On V-I Droop Characteristics
IESEP-0148 Control And Performance Analysis Of Utility-Scale Grid-Connected Pv System
IESEP-0149 Coolant System For Industry
IESEP-0099 Coupled Inductor Based Zvs High Step-Up Dc/Dc Converter In Photovoltaic Applications
IESEP-0107 Csi7: A Modified Three-Phase Current Source Inverter For Modular Photovoltaic Applications
IESEP-0101 Current Sensorless Control For Dual-Boost Full-Bridge Pfc Converter
IESEP-0154 Design And Development Of Solar Pv System Using Single Phase Mli
IESEP-0102 Design Of A Single-Switch Dc/Dc Converter For A Pv-Battery Powered Pump System With Pfm+Pwm Control
IESEP-0132 Design Of C´ Uk Derived Transformerless Common Grounded Pv Micro-Inverter In Ccm
IESEP-0126 Designing An Optimum Non-Dissipative Lc Snubber For Step-Up Flyback Converters In Dcm
IESEP-0093 Development Of A Novel Web Application For Automatic Photovoltaic System Performance Analysis And Fault Identification
IESEP-0138 Development Of Regenerative Breaking Concept For Electrical Vehicles Enhanced With Half Bridge Converter
IESEP-0133 Direct Model Predictive Control Of Bidirectional Quasi-Z-Source Inverters Fed Pmsm Drives
IESEP-0166 Direction Control Of The Bldc Motor
IESEP-0120 Double Acting Syringe Pump Using A Rack And Pinion Mechanism - Simulink Model
IESEP-0153 Efficent Back Up Storage Unit And An Intelligent Demand Side Monitoring Using Iot
IESEP-0172 Efficient Solar Energy Utilization For Home Application Using Isolated Tri Port Converter
IESEP-0147 Electric Lineman Protection Using User Changeable Password Based Circuits Breaker
IESEP-0141 Embedded Digital Draft Force And Wheel Slip Indicator For Tillage Research
IESEP-0128 Emi Characterization Of A Gan Switched-Capacitor Based Partial Power Rf Sepic
IESEP-0169 Enhance The Reliability Of The Inverter Operation From Obtain The Fast Open Switch Fault Detection Method
IESEP-0160 Fly Back Converter Based Eleven Level Multi Level Inverter
IESEP-0100 High Step-Up Isolated Dc-Dc Converter With Multicell Diode-Capacitor Network
IESEP-0121 High-Frequency Zvs C´ Uk Converter For Automotive Led Driver Applications Using Planar Integrated Magnetics
IESEP-0119 Hybrid Cmos/Gan 40-Mhz Maximum 20-V Input Dc–Dc Multiphase Buck Converter
IESEP-0140 Implementation Of Economic Deployment Of Elecrical Vechicle Charging Station Using Hybrid Source
IESEP-0143 Implementation Of Improved Off Line Ups System Using Electric Vehicle For Vehicle To Grid And Vehicle To Home Application
IESEP-0152 Implementation Of Resonant Pulse Width Modulation Technique To Reduce The Electromagnetic Interference Of The System
IESEP-0142 Implementation Of Single Switch Voltage Equalizer Using Cuk Converter
IESEP-0108 Implementation Of Virtual Synchronous Generator With An Improved Hardware Structure In Pv-Based Microgrids
IESEP-0146 Inductive Power Transfer For Massive Electric Bicycles Charging Based On Hybrid Topology Switching With A Single Inverter
IESEP-0106 Isolated Double Step-Down Dc-Dc Converter
IESEP-0104 Leakage Current Reduction Of Z-Source Four-Leg Inverter For Transformerless Pvsystem
IESEP-0086 Model Predictive Control For Three-Phase Four-Leg Grid-Tied Inverters
IESEP-0095 Monolithic Micro-Lens Vcsels With High Beam Quality
IESEP-0090 Non-Isolated Single-Inductor Dc/Dc Converter With Fully Reconfigurable Structure For Renewable Energy Applications
IESEP-0122 Non-Isolated Wide Operation Range Three-Port Converters With Variable Structures
IESEP-0085 Novel Bidirectional Single-Phase Single-Stage Isolated Ac-Dc Converter With Pfc For Charging Of Electric Vehicles
IESEP-0109 Observer-Based Adaptive Fault-Tolerant Tracking Control Of Nonlinear Nonstrict-Feedback Systems
IESEP-0089 Open Switch Fault Diagnostic Method For Back To Back Converters Of Doubly Fed Wind Power Generation System
IESEP-0136 Open-End Multilevel Six-Phase Machine Drive System With Five Three-Leg Converters
IESEP-0098 Output Feedback Stable Stochastic Predictive Control With Hard Control Constraints
IESEP-0096 Plug-And-Play Voltage Ripple Mitigator For Dc Links In Hybrid Ac-Dc Power Grids With Local Bus-Voltage Control
IESEP-0144 Pollution Free Renewable Energy Based Mobility Scooter
IESEP-0087 Pulse Width Amplitude Modulation Based Single- Phase Quasi-Z-Source Photovoltaic Inverter With Energy Storage Battery
IESEP-0170 Reduce Of The Reactive Power In Solar Power Generation System
IESEP-0134 Safety And Reliability Of 66 Kv Class Hts Cable Systems In Short-Circuit Current Accidents-Experimental Results On 40 M Cable System-
IESEP-0171 Sepic Converter Based High Voltage Gain Single Stage E Power Factor Correction Ac - Dc Converter
IESEP-0155 Sic Based Z - Source Resonant Converter With Constant Frequency And Load Regulation For Ev Wireless Charger
IESEP-0115 Simulation And Hardware Design Of A Fly-Back Converter
IESEP-0151 Simulation And Hardware Design Of A Flyback Converter With Bldc Motor
IESEP-0123 Single Discharge Control For Single-Inductor Multiple-Output Dc-Dc Buck Converters
IESEP-0094 Single-Phase Bidirectional Integrated Onboard Battery Charger For Evs Featuring A Battery- Supercapacitor Hybrid Energy Storage System
IESEP-0116 Single-Phase Nine-Level She-Pwm Inverter With Single Dc Source Suitable For Renewable Energy Systems
IESEP-0105 Single-Phase, 7-Level Flying Capacitor Multilevel Inverter With An Active Energy Buffer
IESEP-0111 Single-Source Multiple-Coil Homogeneous Induction Heating
IESEP-0167 Six Degree's Of Freedom Arm Robot
IESEP-0162 Solar Energised Electric Bicycle
IESEP-0163 Wind Energy Based 5 Phase Inverter With Voltage Regulation
IESEP-0118 Zvs Modulation Scheme For Reduced Complexity Clamp-Switch Tcm Dc-Dc Boost Converter
IESPE-0228 A Bidirectional Bridge Modular Switched-Capacitor-Based Power Electronics Transformer
IESPE-0221 A Multilevel Inverter Structure Based On Combination Of Switched-Capacitors And Dc Sources
IESPE-0214 A New Single Phase Pi Type 5 Level Inverter Using 3 Terminal Switch Network
IESPE-0217 A New Single-Phase ?-Type 5-Level Inverter Using 3-Terminal Switch-Network
IESPE-0218 A Novel Single Stage Pfc Converter Grid System
IESPE-0242 A Single-Phase Transformerless Inverter With Charge Pump Circuit Concept For Grid-Tied Pv Applications
IESPE-0234 A Single-Stage High-Frequency Resonant Ac/Ac Converter
IESPE-0251 A Single-Stage Led Driver With High-Performance Primary-Side-Regulated Characteristic
IESPE-0211 Advance Switching Stratagy For Implementation The Single Stage Buck Boost Inverter
IESPE-0212 An Isolated Three-Port Bidirectional Dc-Dc Converter For Photovoltaic Systems With Energy Storage
IESPE-0216 An Optimal Method To Design A Trap Cl Filter For A Pv Ac Module Based On Fly Back Inverter
IESPE-0236 Buck-Boost Converter As Power Factor Correction Controller For Plug-In Electric Vehicles And Battery Charging Application
IESPE-0205 Dead Time Effect On The Double Loop Control Strategy For A Micro Inverter Topology
IESPE-0206 Determination Of Stator Hotspot For Thermal Protection In And Load Variation In A Brushless Dc Motor
IESPE-0227 Digital Implementation Of Adaptive Synchronous Rectifier (Sr) Driving Scheme For High-Frequency Llc Converters With Microcontroller
IESPE-0207 Enhanced And Fast Detection Of Open Switch Faults In Inverters For Electric Drives
IESPE-0225 Flexible Power Electronic Converters For Producing Ac Superimposed Dc (Acsdc) Voltages
IESPE-0232 Fuzzy And Pi Controller Based Performance Evaluation Of Pmbldc Motor
IESPE-0231 Fuzzy And Pi Controller Based Performance Evaluation Of Separately Excited Dc Motor
IESPE-0215 High Gain Dc-Dc Converter Based On The Cockcraft – Walton Multiplier
IESPE-0233 High Power Factor Led Driver Based On A “One-And-A-Half Stage” Forward-Flyback Topology
IESPE-0210 Implementation Of High Power Density Npc Inverter Topology And Fault Diagnosis Method In Aircfaft Application
IESPE-0209 Implementation Of Single Phase Voltage Doubler Circuit Unit For Pfc Sepic Converter Using Dcm Method
IESPE-0219 Implementation Of Three Port Converter With Reduced Swithce And High Voltage
IESPE-0208 Implementation Of Transformerless Grid Connected Inverter Topology For Common Ground Connection
IESPE-0222 Improve The Dynamic Responce Of The Drive System Using Sspaace Control Technique
IESPE-0243 Input-Parallel Output-Series Dc-Dc Boost Converter With A Wide Input Voltage Range, For Fuel Cell Vehicles
IESPE-0230 Interleaved Boost Converter Drives For Ship Propulsion In Ice Berg And Deep Oceans
IESPE-0224 Modeling And Decoupled Control Of A Buck - Boost And Stacked Dual Half - Bridge Integrated Bidirectional Dc - Dc Converter
IESPE-0223 Modelling The Dc Nano Grid Control Desingn Using Pll Algorithm
IESPE-0178 Power Generation By High Head Water In A Building Using Microhydro Turbine
IESPE-0220 Single Input Multi Output Hybrid Converter Using Fcm Method
IESPE-0237 Single Stage Soft Switching Led Driver With Low Dc Link Voltage For Power Factor Correction Using Zvzcs Conditions
IESPE-0238 To Implement The Ups Charging System With Single Stage Power Factor Correction
IESPE-0213 To Improve The Power Quality Using Modular Multi Level Converter With Reduced Number Of Switches
IESPE-0226 Voltage And Frequency Regulation Of Microgrid With Battery Energy Storage Systems
IESPE-0229 Voltage Balance Control Based On Dual Active Bridge Dc/Dc Converters In A Power Electronic Traction Transformer
IESRE-0041 A Unified Control For The Dc-Ac Interlinking Converters In Hybrid Ac/Dc Microgrids
IESRE-0057 Adaptive Solar Energy Application For Different Wether Condition Employing Five Terminus Impedance Network
IESRE-0039 Advanced Foot Steps Power Generation System
IESRE-0036 An Electrolytic Capacitor-Less Bi-Directional Ev Charger For V2g And V2h Applications
IESRE-0031 An Intelligent Demand Side Management With Renewable Energy Integration For Smart Homes Based On Time Of Use (Tou)
IESRE-0044 Beat Frequency Oscillation Analysis For Power Electronic Converters In Dc Nanogrid Based On Crossed Frequency Output Impedance Matrix Model
IESRE-0049 Comparision Of Mppt Techniques Under Partial Shaded Condition
IESRE-0043 Damped-Sogi Based Control Algorithm For Solar Pv Power Generating System
IESRE-0037 Dc Grid Voltage Regulation Using New Hess Control Strategy
IESRE-0042 Demand-Side Management By Regulating Charging And Discharging Of The Ev, Ess, And Utilizing Renewable Energy
IESRE-0047 Design And Implementation Of A New Sepic-Based High Step-Up Dc/Dc Converter For Renewable Energy Applications
IESRE-0029 Efficient Transformerless Mosfet Inverter For A Grid-Tied Photovoltaic System
IESRE-0045 Fault Ride-Through Enhancement For Grid-Tied Pv Systems With Robust Control
IESRE-0040 Fuzzy Logic Based Mppt For A Wind Energy Conversion System Using Sliding Mode Control
IESRE-0053 Grid Current Synchronisation Using Cuk Converter
IESRE-0048 High-Efficient Energy Harvester With Flexible Solar Panel For A Wearable Sensor Device
IESRE-0033 Implementation Of Dynamic Power Sharing Concept In Hybrid Energy Using Bidirectional Convertion Operation
IESRE-0030 Integrated Switchless Voltage Equalizer Enhanced With Micro-Inverter For Photovoltaic Panel Under Partial Shading
IESRE-0054 Modified Boost Derived Hybrid Converter: Redemption Using Fcm
IESRE-0035 Mppt In Dynamic Condition Of Partially Shaded Pv System By Using Wode Technique
IESRE-0032 Multiple-Input Dc/Dc Converter Topology For Hybrid Energy System
IESRE-0050 Novel Isolated Power Conditioning Unit For Micro Wind Turbine
IESRE-0034 Pwm- And Pfm-Controlled Switched Capacitor Converter-Based Multiport Converter Integrating Voltage Equalizer For Photovoltaic Systems
IESRE-0038 Research And Experimental Implementation Of A Cv - Fonic Algorithm Using Mppt For Pv Power System
IESRE-0051 Robust Adaptive Integral Backstepping Control For Mppt And Upf Of Pv System Connected To The Grid
IESRE-0046 Thermal Analysis And Balancing For Modular Multilevel Converters In Hvdc Applications
IESRE-0055 Wind Power System Using Dfig And Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation
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